Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In wine is truth and, perhaps, wisdom

The Romans said, “In vino, veritas;” in wine is truth. And almost all ancient cultures have similar expressions. This idea can be found in the earliest hebrew texts, in ancient China, in Persia and elsewhere. The simple meaning is wine loosens the tongue so the truth is spoken. Other meanings can be found, meanings that touch on the truth of an amazing product that requires no manufacture, that arises naturally from the spontaneous fermentation of broken grape bunches. There is truth, also, in the tremendous power of transformation as symbolized in the transformation of juice into wine, and the transformation in us when we drink it.

This blog, hopefully, will examine these truths, and perhaps find other truths from wine.

But the search for truth will not be the primary objective of this blog. I will also attempt to pursue wisdom, the application of truth to create value. What is the difference between truth and wisdom? These are words. That is truth. But words can be words of hate or healing, strife or encouragement. This blog will seek wisdom through wine, as well as pleasure, entertainment, education and a bit of escape.

Is it pompous and arrogant to even suggest a relationship between an alcoholic beverage and wisdom? What makes wine so special? Is it a beverage amongst beverages? One choice amongst several? Would you like a glass of wine or beer or coffee?

These are also questions I hope this blog will explore.

What is the wisdom I hope to discover and share?

I am looking for the wisdom of relationships. Wine engenders relationship as no other drink or product. It is hard to drink wine alone (I realize some readers will disagree). Wine encourages relationships amongst people; it encourages relationships between us and the earth; and between us and lands and people and even times far away.

We live in an age of isolation, of alienation, of separation. Our loneliness can approach existential proportions. Anything that encourages community, connection and relationship has got to be a good thing, n'est pas?

If these topics interest you, see Tom Harpur's Wine and Spirituality,  

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