Sunday, March 2, 2014

oscar night - wine and the movies reviews

Capsule reviews of recent movies that have wine as a central focus. 

Sideways 2004 Director Alexander Payne
For some reason many people in the wine industry do not like Sideways, referring to it obliquely as “That Movie.” I love it – buddy movie, road trip movie and the wine information is reasonably accurate.

Wine Wisdom Rating 
movie – classic
wine accuracy - great

Bottle Shock 2008 Director Randall Miller
Dramatic re-enactment of the 1976 Judgement of Paris that put California on the world wine map. Wildley inaccurate, but has some lovely shots of vineyards. If you are interested in the Judgment of Paris, the history of California wine and want to be entertained, read Judgement of Paris by George Taber. One of few wine books written by a writer.

Wine Wisdom Rating 
movie – bleh
wine accuracy - bleh minus

Mondovino 2004 Director Jonothan Nossiter
Documentary on the globalization of the wine industry with appearances by virtually every major player in the wine game, and their vineyard dogs. No Michael Moore, Nossiter manages to be polemic without obnoxiously injecting himself into the film. Nossiter lets the wine-makers, critics, importers and consultants speak and slowly they reveal the undercurrents of fascism and racism in our business.

Wine Wisdom Rating 
movie – fantastic, if you are into documentaries
wine accuracy – spot on

Note - Mondovino is very hard to find. If interested let's arrange a viewing.

A Good Year 2006 Director Ridley Scott
Romantic comedy with Russell Crowe. Follows the chick-flick conventions fairly closely and then you realize you care about the characters and it is a good movie.

Wine Wisdom Rating 
movie – worth a watch
wine accuracy – well, not so much

French Kiss 1995 Director Lawrence Kasden
Romantic comedy with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Well crafted genre flick with marvelous performances by the leads. Ignore the weak plot and set-up and you will enjoy

Wine Wisdom Rating 
movie – worth a watch
wine accuracy – good enough

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